Xavier Dolques

Assistant professor at Université de Strasbourg


I am currently a contractual assistant professor at Université de Strasbourg

I was an engineer at ENGEES from 2019 ot 2020 as part of a project financed by the AFB for the design and development of a tool for analysis of the status of French rivers from biological and physicochemical sampling data.

I was a research engineer at [MOVIDONE] (https://www.movidone.com) from 2016 to 2019. In this context I worked on research and development projects of the company on issues related to bank receipt with the design of solutions using Machine learning.

I have been a post-doc at ENGEES and affiliated to ICube in Strasbourg, France. I have been working under the direction of Florence Le Ber and Marianne Huchard for the ANR project FRESQUEAU from july 2012 to 2014. After that I have been working on a project funded by the ONEMA until september 2016 My research interest are in Formal Concept Analysis and Data Mining. I am also the main developper of the tool RCAExplore.

I have been a post-doc at INRIA centre Rennes Bretagne. I have worked for the ITEA project OPEES from december 2010 to june 2012 in the Triskell Team. The work there was about Model Driven Engineering.

I did my PhD under the direction of Marianne Huchard and Clémentine Nebut at the LIRMM in the D'OC team. I defended my thesis on the November 2010, 8th. I work in software engineering and more specifically on the generation of model transformations from examples.